How To Find Time For a Side Hustle

So, you want to start side hustle, or create a profitable passive income stream. You know that initially – it’s going to take time, whether you want to go into it full-time eventually or just set up the building blocks for it to then run itself from there. But you feel like there’s not enough hours in the day! Unsure what to do? Then let’s run through how to find time for a side hustle, with my top tips and tricks.

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How To Find Time For a Side Hustle

When it comes to how to find time for a side hustle, it’s all about making the most of the time you have, utilising others (where it’s cost-effective and time-effective to do so) and maximising your productivity. How exactly do you do this? Well, here’s some key pointers…

1) Set Weekly / Monthly Tasks & Goals… And Stick To Them

So first off, I want to start by flagging up how important goals are when it comes to getting a side-hustle going. 

See, they get you focused and keep you on track – which means you MAKE TIME to do the things you need to, and are able to then start to make real progress.

If you want to find time for a side hustle, ultimately, it’s going to come down to your priorities and how committed you are to it.

Tired after work? Don’t fancy doing anything? Find yourself putting things off? Well with clear, step-by-step goals (that have real incentives / accountability attached to them), you’ll find the drive and motivation you need to get things done…

Even on the days when you don’t feel like it, or you could easily let excuses slip in. (Something we’re all guilty of from time to time!)

NOTE: It’s also important your goals are still realistic. Otherwise it just becomes stressful and deflating! So, create a clear strategy plan, then break this down into milestones and further break this down into a series of smaller action tasks. (Think of it as the stepping stones to get to where you ultimately want to be.)

By doing this – and with a realistic timescale in place – it then becomes both manageable and achievable… You can also then clearly see what you need to make time for, and when, and can map out a plan based on that. Makes sense, right?

How To Find Time For a Side Hustle

2) Make The Most Of Spare Time

Next up then, you want to make the most of all the time that you have in a day. Not to the point where you can’t even sit on the toilet without thinking – can I multi-task here?!

You still need some time in the day that’s just for you. Instead, it’s more like:

  • During travel time. Even if it’s swatting up and learning through audiobooks… this saves time and increases your knowledge. On that note – grab a free audible trial… click here for more info!
  • Or lunch breaks. Could you tick off a small task during this? Even if it’s something small – something you need to research, or a few emails to send. They all add up.
  • Smart planning. You should also plan out your spare time – so on weekends when you know you have time off – how will you fit in your side hustle around personal commitments? What time will you block out for it, and how will you spend it? Properly map out your days and evenings – then stick to it, with full commitment.

Here, have a read or listen to “168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think.” It will really shift the way you see and use your time.

3) See How You Can Free Up More Time

Another big one when it comes to how to make time for a side hustle – is looking at how you can free up more time, or create more time in your schedule.

So this could be by stopping scrolling through socials, waking up earlier in the day (and so going to bed earlier at night to give you enough energy for this. It’s all about creating new routines!)

In the early days, you should also be prepared to make some sacrifices. There may be times where you miss out on social stuff to work on your venture – but put it into perspective because this is to create a lifestyle with so much freedom… and it won’t be like this forever.

Say no more – especially to the things that you don’t necessarily want to do, but just feel the social pressure to do. Your friends and family will understand.

What you put into this now, will pay back, you see. So it’s all about knowing:

  • What you need to do, and sticking to those mini (still realistic) deadlines.
  • Why you want or need to do it – why working on this is so important, what it will give you and also what it will cost you if you don’t. Really use the motivating forces of pain and pleasure to stir up as much emotion around this, as it’s what will help to drive you forward.
  • How to get the right balance. See this doesn’t mean that it JUST has to be work, work, work from here, but you do need to make sure you’re finding enough time to do the work you need to – to really drive it forward. So figure out what’s “right” and working for you.

4) Spend Your Time Productively

When you are working on your side hustle, make sure you’re making the most of your time.

This goes back to the importance of knowing your goals and the tasks that make up these – then working through these… one at a time… with no distractions.

  • Sit down with a certain goal in mind.
  • Set a length of time that you will work on a specific task relating to that.
  • Focus solely on that until you’ve completed it…
  • Before then moving onto the next thing.
  • This is far more effective, destroys overwhelm and stops you jumping around from one thing another, not really getting ANYTHING done.

If you’d like some more productivity hacks and processes, I highly recommend “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen.

Again, it’s on Audible which means you can listen to it for free. But it’s a best-seller for a reason. So there’s some really amazing advice in here that you can then certainly utilise!

How To Find Time For a Side Hustle

5) And Destroy Distractions

So I touched on this very briefly above but I feel like it deserves a special shout-out of it’s own as distractions are a real time sucker that make you feel like it’s impossible to find time for a side hustle! (But it’s really not!)

See all those minutes of distractions add up. Not only this, but they take away from your focus and therefore chip away at the motivation that comes with it.

  • Those messages that pop up on your phone when you’re trying to work. You may think it’s not a big deal to check and then get back to it, but it still takes your attention away and shifts your mind elsewhere.
  • Or that funny video you got tagged in, that then escalates to a few minutes scrolling through social media – it’s still drifting your mind off the mission at hand!

So when it comes to finding time for a side hustle, you have to make sure you destroy distractions… particularly when you want to be in work mode.

Set times for digital silence, have a break from socials, have a phone ban if you need to!

Remember your goals, remember why they are so important to you and then develop new healthy habits that support you and make it easier to get there!

6) Set a Day and Time

Another helpful time management tip when it comes to how to find time for a side hustle, is to set a day and time aside that you’re going to work on it – whether that’s every day or every week.

See it as a proper job, a proper commitment – instead of something which you’ll just “try to do when you can.”

To help with this, I highly recommend one of these work planners. Honestly, they just make your life so much easier!

And / Or: Set a Weekend Aside

When you really want to make some serious progress, use your holiday leave to take a week off work, and use that week solely for side hustle development. Or block out a weekend – again, free from distractions – where you’re going to work on that and only that.

This will be alongside finding time in your daily routine, but it just helps to push you a little further. You then feel like you’re actually getting somewhere with it, which in turn fuels your motivation even more.

7) Take Time Out When You Need

Now, if you burn out – you’re going to be no good to anyone. You also won’t be able to work as productively. So yes – there will be some nights where you’re working until crazy hours:

  1. Because you’re on a roll. And…
  2. Because you know it needs to get done…

This is tiring, but fine… It’s the reality of being an entrepreneur.

You just need make sure it doesn’t turn out to be like this EVERY night and when you feel yourself struggling, you take time out to re-set.

Like I said, this only helps you work more effectively, whilst looking after your mental wellbeing.

How To Make Time For a Side Hustle

8) Outsource Work To Others

We’re storming through these tips to find time for a side-hustle now. Woohoo. So what else can you do? Well, outsource work to others. (So long as you’re selective with it!)

See I get that when you’re starting a new venture, often, funds can be a little tight. But:

Paying someone to do something better and faster than you would be able to do – really helps to get your side hustle going. When it’s also done properly, it brings back a stronger return (think: professionalism!) so it’s well worth outsourcing certain tasks…

For example, if you’re creating your own website – yes, there will be things you can do yourself (and this is great! The whole process of learning how to do it will help you later down the line when you want / need to make fast changes too), but it’s not a bad idea to hire an expert to do the more technical parts – or build the base of how you want it, so you can just tweak it from there.

If you pick and choose what you outsource, and outsource smartly – it only helps you. And it doesn’t have to cost as much as you think. For instance, platforms like Fiverr, offer affordable freelancers. Click here to check out what they can do. 

(It’s what I’ve been using for years now – particularly for things like design work (for logos, packaging, brochures etc) and any technical website work (as mentioned above.) It’s still affordable but money very well spent. So this is a platform and process that I can personally vouch for.

9) Stop Umming and Ahhing

Let me ask you a question – is your indecision one of the things that are holding you back here? Is your lack of clarity over what to do or how to do it, wasting you time, which makes you feel OVERWHELMED when it comes to finding time for a side hustle?

Then the best thing you can do? Is to simply go for it. Take a leap. Try something new, and take a first step for what you think would be the right direction! It doesn’t matter if you get things wrong, or your first efforts fail. There’s no failures as it’s all part of the learning process… the process you need to ultimately get you to where you want to be.

DID YOU KNOW: My six figure blog is actually my third blog. Uh huh, I tried two other blogs prior to it and invested a lot of time into them, yet didn’t make a single penny! But do I regret it? No way! Because the learning I took away from it, was what enabled me to drive the success I have done today.

Every lesson is a blessing. Never fear making mistakes. You’re not going to everything right straight away – and that’s absolutely okay. But that’s why you simply just need to get started for now: to get the process going!

You can think, and research, and try to plan EVERYTHING out, down to a tee. But you don’t need to, and it’s only wasting time. So work out what you need to, know that it’s what you want to initially try, then get stuck in… without caring what people think. (As that’s often a big roadblock too!)

10) Make Sure It’s Something You Enjoy

The last thing I want to mention for now, is to make sure that whatever side-hustle you’re looking to set up… it’s doing something that excites you, something that you know you’ll enjoy.

After all, it’s going to be so much easier to find time for a side hustle, if you’re doing work that’s actually fun for you! It will feel almost like a hobby. And seeing as you will be spending so much of your time working (especially when this is just an added side venture on top of your daily work-load), it’s important your side hustle doesn’t feel like another chore!

Don’t just set up a side hustle because you think it will make you money. Find something that will make you money that also EXCITES you – find your thing!

There’s plenty of passive income streams. So if this is something you’re going to be putting your time into, make it something you WANT to put your time into… you’ll then be amazed how much more time you’re able to find! 

So There We Have It…

That rounds up my top 10 tips for how to find time for a side hustle. I hope you’ve found this valuable.

Sending you lots of encouragement!


How To Find Time For a Side Hustle

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