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Hi, I’m Ell, a Self-Made Serial Entrepreneur and Six-Figure Blogger, at the age of just 26...

I write about love for a living, and earn whilst I sleep… or travel… or just, well, live my life. See, my blog is a Passive Income Stream. One that started as a hobby, and is now making me over $100,000 a year… that’s $100,000 a year from ads alone.

I also coach, have a Location Independent Lifestyle and am working swiftly towards financial freedom, all whilst doing things that I truly love. It sounds too good to be true, right? But actually – it’s not. And that’s exactly why I created this blog…

See I’m not her to brag, or pretend to be someone I’m not. I want to show you EXACTLY what I’ve done, and offer practical step-by-step advice to help you do the same thing too…

This is all about helping you to build a successful online business, side-hustle or passive income streams, that give you the freedom and flexibility to live the way that you want.

See, I know we’re not all dealt with the same cards in life, and everyone will inevitably be starting from different places – with different obstacles in their way. But with the world of opportunities at our fingertips today, I truly believe you have power to live life in YOUR terms, to do work you genuinely LOVE, to earn more than you’d (at this point) possibly imagine and to create a life that was once just a dream.

I’ve done it. And I’ve seen others do it… Time and time again… Starting from NOTHING, and building (pretty much) EVERYTHING they’ve ever wanted and more. See, you don’t need to settle. You just need to start… and know where to start. Because hey, picture this…

Being able to decide when you work, from where you work, and what you work on… with that work (in many cases) then not even feeling like work, because you’re doing things that you would actually probably do just for fun anyway!

That’s the goal my friends, that’s the goal. Stop clock-watching your day away, stop losing precious time with your loved ones, stop having to say “no” to incredible life experiences because you “can’t afford it” or “can’t get the time off work.” Don’t settle. Live the life that you deserve.

What To Do Next?

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